The New Capital Stack: Myth-Busting C-PACE

As the commercial real estate lending landscape changes, we must be ahead of the curve in understanding what the new dynamics – and, in today’s case, new products – mean for driving value and closing business for clients. In other words, the layers of the capital stack are shifting. This session will highlight the newest component – Commercial PACE (“C-PACE”) – scoping out what PACE is used for and how it can complement other forms of capital, rehydrate construction budgets, and lower the weighted average cost of capital for commercial property owners across the country.

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Case Study

Hotel Indigo, Kansas City

25 Jan 2017

The high-efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting, new electrical, and improved water heater and control systems result in 33% in energy savings over time.

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Financing your Seismic Retrofit?

18 Jun 2018

5 questions answered at the San Francisco Earthquake Safety Fair

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Case Study

Bay Area Toyota Dealership

20 Jul 2017

Bay Area Toyota Dealership is now 95% off-grid thanks to LED lighting fixtures, a 371.01kW car-port and a roof-mount 314.60kW solar system.

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