New Opportunities: SolarPACE + Storage

Curious about the emerging opportunities in energy storage? Wondering if adding storage could improve your commercial solar project economics? Looking for an incentive program that can help drive more deal closings?

To illustrate the positive effects of adding energy storage and a complete financing solution to your commercial solar projects, CleanFund and Geli will have hosted this exciting webinar.

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Case Study

Bay Area Toyota Dealership

20 Jul 2017

Bay Area Toyota Dealership is now 95% off-grid thanks to LED lighting fixtures, a 371.01kW car-port and a roof-mount 314.60kW solar system.

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Financing your Seismic Retrofit?

18 Jun 2018

5 questions answered at the San Francisco Earthquake Safety Fair

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Architectural Solar and How to Pay For It

25 Sep 2018

Join CleanFund, Solaria, and the "founding father of LEED", Rob Watson, in conversation on technology and finance innovations transforming the market and driving growth for green buildings.

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