Private School in Columbia, MO

$323,000   |   20 Year Term   |   Partial reimbursement for 100kW Solar Array, Building Controls, HVAC, LED Lighting and Destratification fans

Partial Reimbursement for Improvements to Private School in Columbia, MO

$323,000 PACE funding for a 100kW solar PV array, HVAC replacement, LED lighting and related equipment at Columbia Independent School, located in Columbia MO. The improvements for the pre-K through 12th grade private school will reap annual cost-savings of $23,000 compared to current energy expenditures and produce an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions of 895 tons per year.

The Challenge
The owner-occupied school, which was reconfigured from a single tenant office building in 2009, needed long term, cost-effective capital to finance improvements.

The Solution
The long-terms of CleanFund’s PACE finance matched the useful life of the solar installation, which was key to the viability of the improvement project.

The Result
$323,000 in PACE financing with a term of 20 years for the installation and partial reimbursement of a 100kW solar Array, LED lighting and destratification fans.
Christopher Ihler
Christopher Ihler CEO of EnergyLink - MO, CO, UT, KY

“Working with CleanFund allowed the financing piece of the project move quickly and smoothly. We see C-PACE finance as a great tool for our industry.”