Intersolar North America: 2018 Take Away

CleanFund | July 18, 2018


SAUSALITO, CA — It’s no surprise that each year San Francisco is chosen to host North America’s largest solar conference. The city has built a well-deserved reputation for drawing the world’s greatest innovators and nurturing a culture that is continually challenging the status quo.

Every year Intersolar North America attracts thousands of exhibitors and attendees from all over the world to showcase the latest and greatest innovations, but behind the brightly lit batteries and shiny panels, lurks the inevitable question, how will the end custom pay for the latest and greatest in solar technology? Let’s face it, new technology is often expensive and therefor out of the reach of the mainstream and in the commercial application, early adopters are sometimes few and far between. From what I heard at the conference, the solar industry has been struggling with the financing challenge since its inception.

During the conference I met Matthias Bank, of Renewables 100, who has attended every Intersolar North America for the last 28 years. When I asked Matthias, “What are some of the challenges that you heard 28 years ago that you’re still hearing today?”. Without missing a beat Matthias replied, “the energy market said solar wasn’t economically feasible at $15 a kW 28 years ago, and today they’re still saying it’s not economically feasible at 70 cents a kW. When will it ever be economically feasible?”.

This is exactly why CleanFund exhibits at Intersolar, because we’re dedicated to solving the financing challenge for the solar industry with flexible financing options designed to help the latest solar innovations go mainstream.

Here are the top 5 reasons why SolarPACE helps commercial property owners choose to go solar. We also put together a fun video on the event since there were many interesting exhibits, talks and interactive displays throughout the conference. Enjoy!

  1. Low SolarPACE payments generate free cash flow.
    The electricity savings far exceed the annual SolarPACE payment since it is spread over 20 or 30 years, and your customer can either directly or indirectly take advantage of the solar tax benefits. Additionally, the first payment is not due for 6 to 18 months after financing closes. All of this creates immediate positive cash flow from day one.
  2. SolarPACE delivers a higher NPV than other financing options.
    SolarPACE typically delivers the highest NPV of any solar acquisition option – better than leases, shorter term loans, PPAs, and even cash sales.
  3. SolarPACE preserves capital and borrowing capacity.
    Cash purchases or bank loans are common for businesses who can utilize the solar tax benefits. However, successful businesses often prefer to use their cash or bank credit for further investment in their business or for general working capital instead of tying it up in a solar project.
  4. SolarPACE terms match the long life of a PV system.
    With a term of up to 30 years, SolarPACE matches the productive life of a PV system and unlocks steadily increasing net annual savings as utility rates rise. This provides a long-term hedge on electricity costs. Effectively, the property will have discounted electricity for the current or any future owners.
  5. SolarPACE makes things easier in the future.
    SolarPACE is billed and paid via property taxes, so there is no extra paperwork or additional bill to manage. If the property is sold, the SolarPACE payment obligation automatically transfers to the new owner, or the SolarPACE financing can be paid off early at any time. In comparison to bank loans, there are no financial covenants or reporting requirements. SolarPACE offers unique flexibility in these areas.

SolarPACE financing can be paid off early at any time. In comparison to bank loans, there are no financial covenants or reporting requirements. SolarPACE offers unique flexibility in these areas.
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