Long-term, versatile solar financing designed for the demands of commercial property owners.

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Generate Positive Cash Flow with Solar Power

SolarPACE is designed with versatility to meet the demands of today's business and property owners. Typically immediate positive cash flows and flexible options to utilize the available solar tax incentives make SolarPACE the ideal financing solution for implementing a solar project.

Versatile, Simple, Profitable Solar Financing

SolarPACE financing offers flexible options to create positive cash flows for most projects, making it easy for both owners and tenants to realize value.


Flexible options for solar tax incentives

Delivers benefits to both owners and tenants

Works for roofing, storage, and other related projects

Term matches expected life of solar system

Billing and repayment via property tax assessment

Automatically transfers to next owner if property is sold

Delivers immediate positive cash flow

Highest Net Present Value (NPV) option for solar

Direct or indirect monetization of solar tax incentives

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How SolarPACE works

SolarPACE is based on state and local programs that allow property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing to be recorded as a special property tax assessment.

SolarPACE Case Studies

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SolarPACE Advantages vs Traditional Solar Financing

CleanFund has used its deep experience in real estate, finance, and clean energy to optimize SolarPACE financing specifically for commercial property owners.

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