The most effective way to cut utility costs is to first reduce the electricity demand of a building. From building systems to insulation and the building envelope and much more, many components of a property can be upgraded to achieve energy efficiency and improve net operating income.

Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energy not only does good for the environment, but for the building value and economics. With no up-front cost, a property owner can achieve immediate and continuing positive cash flows over time. While solar and storage projects are the most common, CleanFund can also finance wind, fuel cell, and cogen projects.


Water-saving measures are also eligible for PACE as they contribute to the conservation of both water and capital. The installation of low-flow fixtures in a building, efficient irrigation and/or reuse systems are all eligible.

Seismic Retrofits

Some of the most valuable real estate in the United States sits in areas where natural disasters such as earthquakes are imminent. Protect your greatest investment with CleanFund's 100% financing solution for structural seismic upgrades, non-structural seismic improvements, windows and door replacement, engineering and architectural work.

Storm Strengthening

Make your building resilient to damage from wind and severe weather events. Resiliency upgrades are no longer a "nice to have" in states where rising sea levels, severe storms and floods are a constant threat to commercial real estate. Finance projects like water barriers, storm windows, foundation strengthening and roof strengthening.


From solar to seismic upgrades, CleanFund's financing offers an easy access to cost effective capital. PACE is an attractive alternative to other forms of financing and can improve returns on value-add repositioning, gut rehab and new development projects.

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