Ahead of the Curve: Architectural Solar and How to Pay For It

Join CleanFund, Solaria, and the “founding father of LEED”, Rob Watson, in conversation on technology and finance innovations transforming the market and driving growth for green buildings. Follow as the panelists review an example project to outline the design, construction, and finance processes, and reveal how SolarPACE will enable architects and developers to access BIPV and meet demands for sustainable building.

Why: Equip yourself with the tools to drive value and market growth for architectural solar with SolarPACE

Who: Joshua Kagan VP of Business Development CleanFund Chris Klinga Senior Project Engineer Solaria Rob Watson Chief Science Officer EcoHub

This webinar brings together thought leadership and innovation across the sustainable building space and will enable you to:

  • Unlock value for projects utilizing SolarPACE financing
  • Empower developers and owners to lead the charge toward Architectural Solar
  • Review project considerations and cash flows presented in a case study
  • Learn from Rob Watson on the technological and finance innovations transforming the building industry