MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 10, 2017 — Ten K Solar (“Ten K”), a leader in Commercial Rooftop PV Systems, and CleanFund, a leading Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financier for commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the United States, have announced a PACE Financing partnership that will provide PACE financing to Ten K’s growing pipeline of projects. The agreement accelerates solar adoption of commercial building owners by providing them access to Ten K Solar products with all the benefits and flexibility of PACE financing.

“Ten K’s PV systems are a strong investment due to their reliability and energy density,” said Greg Saunders, CleanFund’s CEO. “Offering our SolarPACETM product to Ten K’s customers is exciting to us and to commercial building owners who will gain access to this highly advanced PV system technology.”

According to Jeff Hohn, CEO of Ten K, “CleanFund’s PACE financing further increases the economic returns for a solar system and simplifies the process for commercial customers to acquire solar.” Adding that, “CleanFund is a premier provider of commercial PACE financing in the U.S. Combined with Ten K’s commercial platform, we can significantly offset utility bills with low-cost solar solutions.”

In addition to PACE, Ten K Solar offers their customers a variety of financing options making solar energy more available than ever for commercial building owners. Learn more about all the options available at www.tenksolar.com/finance.

About CleanFund:

CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital is the #1 direct provider of long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy and seismic improvements to commercial, multifamily and other nonresidential properties in the U.S. CleanFund’s SolarPACE financing product typically delivers the highest net present value (NPV) and greatest near-term positive cash flow of any solar financing or acquisition option. For more information, please visit www.CleanFund.com.

About Ten K Solar:

Ten K offers high efficiency and highly reliable photovoltaic solutions for commercial rooftops, carports and ground-mount applications. With over 750 installations Ten K is one of the fastest growing solar providers in the world. Founded in 2008, Ten K Solar is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.


Media contacts for more information:

Alice Reeve, alice.reeve@cleanfund.com, 415-256-8000 ext. 106

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