CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital provides flexible financing to commercial property owners via our financing programs.

CleanFund’s Financing Program Benefits:

Higher Property Value

Higher Cash Flow | By stretching out payments over a long period of time, properties generate much more benefit from energy and water improvements.
Lease-Up and Retention | Our financing helps to modernize your building, making it more efficient and comfortable. The result? Happier occupants and lower tenant turnover.
Greater Marketability | Enables the kinds of improvements that modernize your building and reduce potential price concessions that buyers may demand to upgrade the property.

Lower Cost

Lower rates than mezzanine debt and equity that otherwise might be used to install long-lasting improvements. Debt financing generally provides shorter terms, higher annual payments and/or large balloon payments.
Tenant Pass-Through | Most properties can pass through property taxes as an operating expense to tenants, helping to fully or significantly reduce the effective cost of capital.

Capital Preservation

Conserve Equity | Why use partners’ capital if you can avoid it?
No Payments for up to 2 Years | Allows you to capitalize interest payments into the financing amount to delay making any payments for up to 2 years.
No Repayment Upon on Sale | Automatically transfers with the property upon a sale, while providing for the ability to repay if desired.
Less Debt | Our long-lasting assessment allows existing and future owners to avoid incurring debt to pay for long-term improvements.