CleanFund is uniquely capable of delivering capital efficiently across all jurisdictions in the U.S. with active PACE programs.

Commercial Only

Our focus is driven by our collective backgrounds. We’re uniquely qualified to help commercial property owners get the most out of PACE. There are no other commercial PACE capital providers with the depth and breadth of relevant experience

Direct Capital

Unlike other industry participants, we are a direct lender and make our own pricing and credit decisions. All of our financings are held on our balance sheet. We are not a broker or “feeder” to a Wall Street bank or insurance company.


Over $100MM in closed financing driven by the most advanced C-PACE origination platform in the industry and our unique ability to control the deployment of our capital, which allows us to deliver on financing commitments with no surprises.

Nationwide Reach

CleanFund has completed commercial PACE financings across multiple programs in the U.S. We are not tied to specific states or individual “PACE programs.” CleanFund has the ability to get deals done through all major programs and approved PACE jurisdictions. We are here to support you.


CleanFund’s team has the most extensive experience in the commercial PACE financing business. Our founding members were some of the first to create the PACE concept in 2008. Our expertise is grounded in commercial real estate development, construction, management and finance – all fortified with deep knowledge in energy efficiency, solar energy, structured finance and municipal finance.