CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital provides long-term financing for energy, water and renewable energy improvements to commercial properties. Request Financing

Based in Sausalito, CA, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital is the leading provider of long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy and seismic improvements for commercial, multifamily and other nonresidential properties in the U.S.

CleanFund has the largest dedicated commercial PACE team in the industry with significant expertise in commercial real estate, finance, renewable energy and PACE policy. CleanFund provides capital for Property Assessed Clean Energy, a financing structure adopted in 33 states and the District of Columbia that allows property owners to repay investments for building upgrades and new construction on their property tax bills.

PACEDirect™ financing enables commercial property owners to install modern energy and water technology with no up-front cost, increasing property cash flows and value.

SolarPACE™ financing enables commercial property owners to achieve immediate positive cash flow, with a financing term of up to 30 years to match the expected life of solar PV systems.


CleanFund makes it easy and affordable to finance energy, water and other vital improvements to commercial properties that increase their value and decrease environmental impact.



To make PACE financing a mainstream solution for commercial property owners to adopt energy, water and other improvements that drive higher property valuations and lower environmental impact by aligning the interests of property owners, local government, mortgage lenders and investors.



Integrity: We make and keep clear agreements with each other, our clients and our partners.

Communication: We engage in open, honest and direct communication.

Improvement: We believe in continuous improvement in all facets of our business.

Balance: We seek a healthy balance between working hard and playing hard.

Results: We are results oriented.


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